Friday, April 1, 2016

What I Learned! -Iris A.

When I first thought about digging in the Red Beds, I imagined that the ground would be flat and the rocks would all look the same. But in reality, the field was an endless, bumpy ground, full of cactus and fossils. I learned a lot on this trip. One of the main things was learning how to disguise a bone and rock. A way to tell the difference is if you lick a bone it will be sticky due to the pores it has, but a rock will not be sticky. Another thing I learned is what an actually site looks like, and I got the opportunity of digging up some bones. I learned about different pre dinosaurs as well, such as the Dimetrodon. It was weird, but I also adjusted to be in a small town with very few people, unlike Houston. I understand now how hard paleontologist have to work. The weather is harsh and one has to have a lot of patience. We talked with people in the museum, which helped me understand more about what I learned in Seymour. Even though I was very tired at the end, I had a lot of fun! 

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